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Movement Efficiency Seminar Series (MESS)

$15 per classFrom $13 per visit with MESS Card passPurchase required to enroll

Twice a week, for four weeks this fall, we will dedicate a half-hour to cleaning up some our biggest movement inefficiencies. This is not an extra WOD or a speciality class, this is 30 minutes of your time to work on the things we often don’t have time for during normal classes. This is an opportunity, in a small group, to finally figure out your kipping Pull-up, fix your most common weight lifting mistakes, learn to adjust your rowing depending on if the WOD calls for calories or meters, or Clean up your hand-stand Push-up.

Schedule of Movements:

  • 3 November – The Gymnastics Kip (Pull-up)
  • 5 November – The Kipping Dip
  • 10 November – Rope Climb ascent/descent
  • 12 November – Rowing as a skill; calories vs. meters
  • 17 November – The Gymnastics Kip (toes-to-bar, knees-to-elbows)
  • 19 November – The Handstand Push-up
  • 24 November – Efficiency Tips: high-rep barbell movements
    1. 26 November – Thanksgiving (NO CLASS)
  • 1 December – The Butterfly Pull-up
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