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PCF Staff

  • Aaron Kozuki

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  • Aaron Moburg-Jones

    CrossFit has been my training program since the summer of 2005 when I was in Iraq and saw just how fast and strong it can make anyone who uses it. After being introduced to CrossFit’s Workout of the Day in a converted living room scattered with a barbell, some weights, a few dumbbells, and a pull-up bar, I never looked back. I have played sports, run races, copied the workout routines of NFL players and World Class body builders, but none of them helped me achieve strength, endurance, and general health like CrossFit. I shed more fat then when I did marathon training and got stronger than when I trained like a bodybuilder. I became a CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Gymnastics, and Unites States Weightlifting Association certified trainer so that I could share my excitement about the program with other people and help them achieve their personal fitness goals. Potomac CrossFit is an incredible facility filled with the equipment, knowledge, and enthusiasm to bring elite fitness to the people that walk through its door.
  • Ali Rose

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  • Alli Zanelotti

    Growing up I was always playing sports, but in high school I focused on swimming, soccer, and competitive cheerleading (you can decide whether or not it’s a sport). In college I decided to put sports/fitness on the back burner, and joined a sorority... which was awesome. After college I decided to “get in shape”, so I started running. It was terrible, and boring. My chicken legs and bad knees didn’t do too well, and it took too long. I also went through the elliptical phase for a hot minute. I got a lot of reading done, but that’s about it.

    The first time I tried Crossfit, I wanted to die, but I was also obsessed. I couldn't believe that a workout kicked my ass in such a short amount of time. I was quickly drawn to the competitive atmosphere, as I am extremely competitive, and it made working out seem more like a sport than

    I got my level one certification in 2012. At the time I was working out in a garage, and the cert was primarily for my benefit, but I knew I wanted to coach once I got better myself. I hope to help athletes reach their goals, overcome barriers, and love Crossfit as much as I do.

  • Andrea Ferry

    Andrea started her fitness career in the Figure Competition world at the age of 26. After multiple trophies and 3 years of weighing and measuring food, she decided she needed a change. She left the Figure stage just shy of a Pro card, but felt a sigh of relief leaving the hard core dieting behind.

    In 2008, shortly after she left the Figure stage, she got into CrossFit. In less than 6 months, she acquired every certification under the sun - CrossFit Level 1 with Jon Gilson, CrossFit Kids with Jeff Martin, CrossFit Olympic Lifting with Coach Burgener, CrossFit Nutrition with Robb Wolf and CrossFit Barbell with Mark Rippetoe.

    After her Barbell Certification with Mark Rippetoe, she fell in love with being strong and decided to leave CrossFit to pursue powerlfting. She set her goal on a 300lb back squat. Thirty five pounds and two years later , she was squatting her goal squat weight plus 15lbs. After she hit her squat goal, she decided that the extra thirty five pounds had to go so she started improving her nutrition and increasing her conditioning. After the weight has been lost, she took 8 months completely off from training to focus on training her friends from high school before and after work. Her full time "work" until three years ago consisted of selling pension plans for Lincoln Financial Group.

    In the fall of 2012, she got laid off and pursued her dream of training people full time. She helped open a gym in Broomall, PA until August 2013 when she landed a job in D.C. for Reebok. Since she still had all her CrossFit Certifications, she decided to coach CrossFit part time after a 6 year hiatus from the sport. In December 2014, she started to train CrossFit more regularly and joined a competition team in Washington DC where she went on to compete at the Regional level 5 months later in May 2014. After regionals, she decided to take some time off from competing to focus on mobility and pursuing the sport of Olympic Lifting.

    She enjoys coaching because she truly feels like she can help shape someone's life on a daily basis whether it is simply believing in them as a coach or a kind word that can be said in the short hour of class.

    § 2002 LA Fitness Bencfh Press Champion

    § 2003 North American Bodybuilding championships – Womens Shape and Figure – 1st place

    § 2005 GNC Metrx Pharmagenex Worldwide NPCRochester Figure Show – 1st Place

    § 2006 NPC National Figure championships – 3rd place

    § 2006 Jim Rockwell/Powerhouse Gym Rochester Bodybulding Fitness and Figure Championships – 1st place

    § Philadelphia Championship Greenwood Classic – 2nd Place

    § 2007 NPC Pittsburgh 4th Place

    § 2007 NPC Gaspari Nutrition Junior USA 5th Place

    § WNPC – 1st place 148 weight class – September 2010

    § WNPF – 1st place 132 weight class – December 2010 (Deadlift 320 lbs, squat 290 lbs, bench 150 lbs)

    2014 - CrossFit Regionals Athlete, Team District CrossFit (105th in the region, 909th in the world)

  • Brian Wilson

    I was a Division I baseball player in college who transitioned into a tri-athlete, marathoner, and adventure racer. As the time and expense continued to grow with those hobbies, it butted up against my career as a Marine Corps Officer. I needed to shift gears and I started training with the more traditional body building approach that is pretty common in the military. The longer I stuck with this, the further out of shape I became and it wasn’t dependant on the time commitment (or supplement dollars) I threw at it. After several years of frustration with this routine, I was introduced to CrossFit. Thus, the addiction began. I’ve been CrossFitting fairly religiously since 2006 and after I got my Level I Certification was completely committed to opening a box. So here we are, Potomac CrossFit.
  • Brittney Savitch

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  • Catelyn Nelson

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  • Christian LHeureux

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  • Cody Burgener

    I'm the third child of four siblings born into a outstanding family of weightlifters. I’ve been competing in the Olympic lifts since the age of five, and have been coaching the lifts since the age of 15. I was introduced to Crossfit in 2007 though my dad Coach B. In addition to coaching a variety of individuals, I also travel the world teaching athletes and coaches how to perform the Olympic lifts through Crossfit Weightlifting. I earned my bachelors in Exercise Science at the University of Sioux Falls, where I was a four year starter for the USF baseball program. I attribute my athletic success to years of Crossfit training and the Olympic lifts.

    Everyday I look forward to teaching athletes everything I’ve learned through Crossfit and Weightlifting. It’s my passion to motivate and coach people to become the best athletes they can be. And three, you will always have a fun time when working with me. It is all about having fun when working out, and Ill make sure every class I teach you will have a good time

  • Colin Farrell

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  • Dan Hoffman

    I have always been fairly athletic (soccer, Triathlons, weight training, etc), but I have never considered myself an elite athlete. I am intellectually curious, but I am rarely the smartest guy in the room. Towards the end of my time in the Navy and after returning from Iraq, Brian kept hounding me to do CrossFit. I was skeptical, as I tend to be. It seemed like it was a little bit of smoke and mirrors - how could workouts so brief possibly train you for much longer endeavors? I first gave CrossFit a chance as a way to conserve time while working out (editor’s note: opening a business in something you are interested in is not a way to “save time”). Since then, my perspective on CrossFit has completely changed. Bottom line, it works. I am in the best shape of my life. No caveats. I no longer dread workouts - I savor them. The diversity of the CrossFit program has me constantly learning (and being humbled), which I love. Potomac CrossFit has been open since August 2008 and the rapid fitness success that we’ve experienced with our clients and fellow CrossFitters is a testament to the CrossFit program and the excellent people we have here at Potomac CrossFit. Come check us out.
  • Dennis Bennett

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  • Dillon Behr

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  • Erika Moburg-Jones

    I have been an athletic person all my life and over the years have competed in a variety of sports, dancing, and races. However, none of these endeavors ever afforded me the strength (both physical and mental), capacity or sense of community that I have experienced since coming to CrossFit. I am hands down in the best shape of my life, yet CrossFit constantly challenges me to be better. CrossFit has changed my entire perspective on fitness and exercise. I became a CrossFit certified trainer to share my enthusiasm with others and to help them develop strength for themselves. I love watching the progress of our athletes at Potomac CrossFit and believe in the amazing community that has been established.

    In addition to being Crossfit certified, I’m also certified in Crossfit Football, Crossfit Movement and Mobility, Crossfit Gymnastics, and am a USA Weightlifting Club Coach. I currently train the Washington Irish Rugby Team in Crossfit, and intern for the Crossfit Headquarters L1 Certifications Team. I’m pleased to serve the PCF team as Head Trainer/Director of Operations and Training at Patriot Crossfit.

  • Fahran Robb

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  • Gretchen Tobias

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  • Jared Andersen

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  • Kevin Chrapaty

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  • Kristin Campbell

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  • Kym Escobar

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  • LJ Cunningham

    “Pursue virtuosity in functional movement. Believe unconditionally in yourself and the ability of others. Learn new skills – Teach them to a friend. Forge an indomitable body and spirit. Apply character traits learned in the gym to life: Perseverance – Honesty – Integrity – Resilience – Courage – Loyalty – Respect and Service. Be humble. Encourage others.” - Greg Amundson

    The above quote perfectly encapsulates LJ Cunningham’s approach to fitness and what he strives for every day as a CrossFit trainer. After finding CrossFit in 2012, LJ threw himself full-time into the CrossFit world of training, fitness and community and hasn’t looked backed since. Now, with 4+ years of experience in CrossFit, mobility, aesthetics, competition programming and endurance, LJ is excited to be joining the team at Patriot CrossFit.

    He began his fitness career obtaining a NASM-CPT and began interning at CrossFit Queens in Astoria, NY. From there he grew to full-time coach and sales manager, with a strong focus on community building — his favorite aspect of CrossFit. In 2015 he took a position at EVF Performance CrossFit Columbus Circle in NY, NY where he introduced a mobility program based on Kelly Starett's Supple Leopard and built a competition program “Vikings,” while coaching CrossFit, building up his personal training clientele and serving as Member Outreach Coordinator for the gym. He launched Battle Axe Built in 2016 as a lifestyle fitness brand with a goal to make fitness accessible to anyone who has the mindset and grit to build their armor from the inside out.

    Certifications include:



    CF-L2 (August 2016)

  • Liz Powell

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  • Melissa Metzke

    Melissa Metzke is a USAW Level 1 Coach, Level 2 Crossfit Headquarters Trainer and is ISSA certified. Melissa is also a certified Crossfit Run Endurance, Crossfit Barbell, Crossfit Olympic Lifting, Crossfit Gymnastics, and a Greg Lemond Spin trainer. Melissa has completed 3 of Dr. Romonav’s POSE Method clinics. She is CPR Certified.

    Melissa was introduced to CrossFit in 2006 and opened CrossFit Newport Beach that same year. She recently sold her gym and moved to the DC Metro area but she tppk pride in having the longest running CrossFit gym in the Newport Beach area. Melissa experimented with different training methods for about 3 years before CrossFit. She quickly learned the advantages of CrossFit over other gym routines and got into the best shape of her life. Melissa has run 4 ultra marathons and loves training people for upcoming races, ultra marathon, marathon, triathlon, adventure races etc. Melissa had a very popular Olympic Lifting club at her old gym and trained many athletes to compete in USAW competitions.Melissa Metzke is a USAW Level 1 Coach, Level 2 Crossfit Headquarters Trainer and is ISSA certified. Melissa is also a certified Crossfit Run Endurance, Crossfit Barbell, Crossfit Olympic Lifting, Crossfit Gymnastics, and a Greg Lemond Spin trainer. Melissa has completed 3 of Dr. Romonav’s POSE Method clinics. She is CPR Certified.

    Melissa was introduced to CrossFit in 2006 and opened CrossFit Newport Beach that same year. She recently sold her gym and moved to the DC Metro area but she tppk pride in having the longest running CrossFit gym in the Newport Beach area. Melissa experimented with different training methods for about 3 years before CrossFit. She quickly learned the advantages of CrossFit over other gym routines and got into the best shape of her life. Melissa has run 4 ultra marathons and loves training people for upcoming races, ultra marathon, marathon, triathlon, adventure races etc. Melissa had a very popular Olympic Lifting club at her old gym and trained many athletes to compete in USAW competitions.

  • Mike Grabowski

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  • Mikey Brairton

    Like many athletes who fall in love with Crossfit, I was a very competitive person growing up and eventually played Division 1 lacrosse in college. Afterwards, I moved to DC and joined several recreational sport leagues to stay active and fuel my competitive nature. It was never enough to keep me in shape or to provide the motivation necessary to stick with a workout plan. Eventually, I just got out of shape and too busy to really care. When my waistline was growing faster than my bank account and the only exercise I was getting was a trip to the fridge for another beer, I knew I had to do something about my health and well being.

    So 30 lbs. overweight and unable to run a mile if my life depended on it, I tried a free class at Patriot. I became hooked instantly and never looked back. My only regret was I did not find Crossfit sooner and the wonderful community at Patriot that comes with it. Crossfit has given me so much that I got certified to coach in May 2015 in order to give back and help welcome others into the Crossfit community. Don't wait another day to get started!

  • Nicole Spencer

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  • Ryan Powell

    The man, the myth the website.....RJP DOT COM
  • Synneva Elthon

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  • Thom Szymanski

    After years of playing rugby on a highly competitive levels and designing my workouts on a Westside Barbell model I was looking for a new challenge. In 2009 I began working out on my own in a Crossfit style at various globo gyms. It became apparent quite quickly that the tenacity, focus and self-determination demanded by this training were at a level unlike any other I had ever encountered. I was hooked.

    With Westside, putting up big numbers become routine, became mundane, become mindless. Yet, in this new approach – and what sets Crossfit apart from everything else – I had to be focused 100% of the time on my form, my strength, myself.

    Although at the end of Crossfit workouts I would leave the dumbbells and jump rope at the gym, the self-confidence and perseverance that I developed and honed with each thruster and each double under followed me home.

    It was only shortly after delving into the world of Crossfit that I found out serendipitously during a routine medical check-up that I would need open heart surgery to correct a life-threatening aneurysm in my ascending aorta. From the time the aneurysm was found to the time I was finally under the knife (about a month) the aneurysm grew from 4.7cm to 5.5cm. The doctors didn’t have to tell me twice how lucky I was. Throughout recovery, I found myself time and time again invoking lessons learned in my trials and tribulations with Crossfit. Three months later, and just as the first signs of spring were showing, I was back to the thrusters and double unders with a bit less intensity but exponentially more drive. Since then I’ve recorded multiple personal records in various lifts and time trials, and developed an array of new gymnastic skills.

    Simply put, Crossfit training helped me bring the focus of fitness back to where it belongs, within the individual human spirit. Through coaching I strive to encourage others to exercise that most powerful, yet often forgotten muscle, the mind.

  • Tyler Murphy

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  • Vilija Teel

    I was born and raised in the small country of Lithuania and first landed on the great soil of the United Stated in

    1999, when I got married to a US Army officer. I have been pretty active all my life, competing in many different

    sports, starting in elementary school and continuing all the way through high school, often winning competitions

    without any training (yes, that’s how we used to roll in Lithuania when I was a kid!). Despite the fact that I was

    very serious about sports, I decided to pursue a more reputable career and went to college to study English and

    graduated with a B.A. in English Philology. Even though I later chased a business degree and earned an M.B.A. in

    Finance, to this day, I remain very passionate about languages. I am fluent in three languages (Lithuanian,

    Russian, and English) and have a good working knowledge of a few other languages (Latin, German, Spanish,

    Italian, Estonian, and Korean).

    Prior to discovering CrossFit in 2013, I was an obsessive runner and a gym junkie. At one point, for about a year

    or so, I was logging close to 10 miles a day. If I couldn’t run after work, I would get up as early as 5AM just to

    get my miles in. It was a serious addiction!

    In 2013, my husband’s job brought us to Seoul, South Korea, and that is where I tasted my first sip of CrossFit

    Koolaid. And did it taste good! Needless to say, I was instantaneously hooked. About a month into it, I started

    keeping a WOD journal, I started eating better, I wanted to lift more, I wanted to get those kipping pull-ups and

    those double-unders! And before I knew it, I became a true crossfitter! Then, CrossFit Open 2014 came… It was a

    euphoric experience that made me realize that the love for this sport was getting serious and I wanted to do

    something more with it. So, about 8 months into my CrossFit experience, I took the Level 1 Crossfit Trainer

    Course and received a Level 1 Trainer Certificate. I was very fortunate to start coaching in December 2014 at a

    local military affiliate Fight Tonight CrossFit, located on Yongsan Army Garrison, in the heart of Seoul. I

    coached there until our departure from Seoul in summer 2015. After taking a couple of months off to get settled

    back into our house in Arlington, VA, I started and continue coaching again at a local CrossFit affiliates in

    Tyson’s Corner.

    Although I only have just a little over a year of coaching experience, I keep receiving a lot of positive feedback

    about my coaching style, saying that I am very approachable, easy to follow, eager to help, and highly motivating.

    It is with great pleasure that I am joining the coaching team at Potomac CrossFit and I look forward to spreading

    my love for CrossFit and my enthusiasm for fitness in general.

    Besides CrossFit, I enjoy spending time with my husband and our two children – 6.5 year old son Darius and 3.5

    year old daughter Elia. I love traveling and exploring new cultures. I am very passionate about theater and any

    genre of art. Human talent never ceases to amaze me! So, if you do not see me in the gym, you might see me at

    one of the local institutions of performing arts!
  • Jack Langley

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  • Jordan Fuhr

    I was introduced to CrossFit in January 2011, and I was hooked after my first WOD — an excruciating 7-minute Grace.

    At first the philosophy of CrossFit was appealing and helpful to my outdoor-focused lifestyle. Being an avid mountain biker, snowboarder, and trail runner required constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. CrossFit was the perfect complement. Having spent some time coaching youth sports, coaching CrossFit seemed a natural progression after a few years.

    I really enjoy helping people improve, especially those new to CrossFit, reach their goals, and recognize their accomplishments. I hold certifications as a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1) as well as a USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach.